Five K Yakima area Computer Products

Five K Technologies delivers

Server, PC's, Printers, and Peripherals, Scanners, Input Devices - whatever the hardware needs in your business Five K is the place for sales, service and installation.

Your Network servers are the lifeblood of your organization. They are the most important pieces of technology in your company because they store every bit of your precious data and provide the resources your employees need to perform their jobs.

You need extremely fast, reliable and cutting edge Servers to keep up with the numerous demands that are placed on them. Five K has recognized these needs and provides a line of servers to fit every budget and every workload. From entry-level single servers to quad processor server farms, Five K Technologies has the equipment to fit your requirements.

Five K has been committed to meeting the technological needs of the business community of Eastern Washington for almost 20 years now.

Our reputation as a high quality business-to-business service provider has been earned over the years by delivering consistent and reliable service to our clients.

Five K's future direction is intertwined with the needs and growth of our clients and our continuing desire to be their technological service partner.

877-567-6822 Toll Free number for Five K Technologies
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