Five K phone systems

Why Panasonic?

Panasonic offers a 2 year warranty on new systems and phones.

Backwards Compatibility

  1. Panasonic phones that were sold 20 years ago will still work on the newer systems. 
  2. Meaning you do not have to buy all new phones at once to get new features offered by new Panasonic phone systems.
  3. You only need one Control Unit to power your phones where you may need 30 phones.
  4. If you can save $180 per phone, this is a large cost savings.
Upgrades:  Panasonic TDA and TDE phone systems store the software and programming information on an SD Card.  If a new release of software for your current phone system comes out, all you need to do is have the new version uploaded to your SD Card.  There is no charge for the updated Software.


877-567-6822 Toll Free number for Five K Technologies
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